Saturday, 21 May 2016

A very surprising death notice

I was visiting Mum and Dad recently and arrived by train.
Pretty much as soon as I got in the car, Mum pushed a newspaper page into my hands 
“Look at this!”

It’s a death notice for a lady with the same name as my Mum, and living in the same area.

I photographed it and texted it off to my brothers, sure of a couple of interesting responses:

One brother: "She should have told us!"

The other: 
"Not sure if I can take time off for the funeral as I’m about to go on leave. Any chance we can delay for a few more years?"

Mum went into her favourite coffee shop to a greeting of 
“Oh! I’m so glad you’re not dead!”

The age (and family names) does give it away but if you were only skimming headlines, you could easily draw the wrong conclusion.

Of course the next question is:
Are they related?

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