Thursday, 28 June 2012

In response to ‘criticism’ ☺

After being told I had too many naked men (statues) on my blog, I’m posting ‘respectable’ but unusual pics today. All of these were seen in Paris on our walks except for one from Fromelles.
A Fromelles soldier highlighted at VC corner with a laminated card, one of only two
He was from Dimboola, a tiny town near my home town!

A Harp Busker - not only unusual but
halfway up the steps of Sacre Couer!
and oh so hot today
Preparing for a photo shoot in a
great restaurant Dome du Marais,
they waited till we left to bring out the cameras

Trust Paul to spot this in a shop window
see the resemblance !?

What else to do on a hot day in Paris?
Sunbake on the roof of Printemps (all with clothes on)
- one of the absolute best views of the city landmarks, and free

Buskers: a Piano and a violin -
a huge instrument to take to the streets

Magnum ice-cream girls
another that Paul couldn't help but notice

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Statues have stories, don’t they?

There are so many statues in Paris, in gardens, on bridges, in museums, on terraces and in doorways (see previous blog), everywhere. Here are just a few and their stories, or the stories we imagined they have:
No, silly, I said put your RIGHT leg out
- statues in a lake in Jardin des Tuileries

Doh! I forgot her birthday again!
statue of Cain in Jardin des Tuileries
OK, if I drop this robe will you notice ME,
instead of that great monument behind me?
Statue de Cincinnatus, Jardin des Tuileries

We couldn't figure out where this had dropped from!
but it landed in Jardin des Tuileries

Shaking his tail feather
le Faune Dansart in Jardin du Luxembourg

There there kitty, boy stroking a lion
on the Pont Alexandre III bridge,
in the shadow of a gold Pegasus
What a surprise to see Winston in Paris
- just as he strode down the Champs Elysees
with Charles de Gaulle

Monday, 25 June 2012

A different kind of Art Gallery – Paris!

We didn’t queue to go into most of the big name galleries but the streets of Paris are a giant living gallery with no closing hours – and oh so easy to stop for a coffee or something with bubbles J Walking around, looking down laneways, up on the tall buildings, in windows – it’s surprising what you can see. Here’s a sample:
A series of letters that caught our eye

Metal sculptures - you can see why they were put
in the window - so easy to knock over
Huge Dior clock in Place Vendome
Mosaic horse - not wearing the socks in the shop

Waiting, waiting - bronze Parisian lady in a hat
will he turn up?

Big Red Dog - he let us into the gallery shop though
Just a few of the bronze statues of children of the world as
part of an outdoor exhibition in Parc de Bercy

Tiny terrace with classic statue

Friday, 22 June 2012

Meow! Only in Paris!

Cheshire grinning graffiti cat

I noticed quite a few of my ‘random’ shots were of cats so I decided to give them a post of their own:
A flying graffiti cat
Cat hiding from the heat in the shade of Montmartre cemetery
Well, sort of a cat! A big Cartier tiger behind me and the posh car
A shop full of cats only - cat painting, cards, embroidery

(Wire) Cat watching the caged birds in a gallery window

Really! Only in Paris!
If the poor old cat didn't go in the direction the poor old lady wanted,
then she just yanked the lead - hard!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shop Displays Are More Interesting

Yes, real macarons - a wedding cake
shop to leave us all drooling
In Maastricht, the beautiful old city there was an amazing number of interesting shop displays and the top of all shops - Selexyz.
This is a branch of a bookstore chain located in a 13th century Domenican church. There are three storey black steel bookshelves reaching high into the main part of the church and these can be accessed by a lift, or by stairs. At the back of the church, sort of where the altar and choir was, is the coffee shop where you can admire the 14th century frescoes (and the cakes). There is a cross-shaped reading table for magazines and newspapers. There is even a good range of books in English.
See pics below.
I have also attached some of the interesting shop displays we saw in Maastricht.

In case you are wondering, we are home but I have decided to try to keep posting blogs of the holiday to make me get all these photos organised - and so Mum and Dad can see them J

A little blue sheep inviting one and all into the art gallery shop

Something pretty to pack those macarons
 into, or the yummy chocolates sold here
Orange for Netherlands was a feature around the
country, here, orange crabs in a kids store window

Aussie ice cream on sale here - perfect for the sunny day

Inside Selexyz book store
The coffee shop of Selexyz, Maastricht