Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I'm back / 5 (6) generation charts

I’m back!
I made a new year’s resolution to resurrect my blog this year.

5 Generation charts
I’ve seen so many of these charts on other blogs and Facebook lately that I couldn’t resist giving it a try – and testing out my rusty old excel skills.

My places of birth chart is pretty boring compared to most of the others I’ve seen: 
Everyone back to and including all my great grandparents were born in Victoria. 
The 5th generation adds a little more colour with a few from Tasmania, and the rest from England, Wales and Scotland.

Then I tried a places of death: even more boring: only one death outside Victoria, in NSW.
It was so monochrome that I added a 6th generation to get some colour!
Then of course I had to add a 6th generation to my places of birth chart.

Here are the results: