Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I'm here at last!

Ah! Silly Jackie. Imagine setting the blog password as “hepromised12yrsago”!
It was my third attempt and, success, I’m in!
Jackie is far too much enjoying the Parisian c’est la vis and I am afraid to report that after 4 weeks of stellar performance, Jackie has yet to meet expectations on the KPIs (Key Paris Indicators). As a result, she will need to re-sit the ‘exam’ next year as even with 4 sleeps left we have not, and have no intention of seeing Versailles, Venus de Milo, Louvre, climbing the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, the 300 steps of the Sacre Couer basilica, dancing at the Moulin Rouge.
Our B&B recommended the market Aligre and the antiques at Carre Rive Gauche so being a loving husband in 30oC heat, we set off on a walking tour of the Left and Right Banks.

What the?!!! Time for a password change. Take time out for a nap and look what happens!
At breakfast on our 2nd day in Paris, our lovely B&B host Genevieve couldn’t believe how far Paul got me to walk – she thought maybe 8-10km! and in such heat!

We walked through the Jewish area to the Bastille and on to the markets. Then to the Bercy village where an old wine market area had been turned into shops and outdoor cafes. Back through the largest park in Paris following an architecture walk trail that was OFF THE MAP! After not being able to find a taxi, we walked back many more blocks along the Seine to the Batobus (boat bus in Jackie language).
After a well deserved ‘feet up’ we took the Batobus to the Eiffel Tower and back via the Notre Dame.
Here are some of the pics:

Hi Allison, Happy Birthday -
here is an "Allison" magasin next to a "Paul" cafe


  1. What a password - can't imagine anyone cracking that!

  2. Hi Jill, It wasn't really the password, I just left the computer open at the 'appropriate' place and he took the opportunity :) He thought it sounded more clever of him to have 'cracked a code'.
    It's harder blogging here as all the prompts and instructions are in French.