Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My First Hours in Europe

We flew overnight to arrive in Amsterdam at 7.30am. Cold and rainy and a wet, split suitcase (the new one!) so we splurged and got a cab – the fastest cab in Amsterdam – 120 in a 70 zone in the rain!!
Very bright friendly hotel – see link below. Hostess very helpful with maps and tips for travelling around too.
Sitting having good coffee in their little dining room overlooking the canal and waiting to see if we get a free upgrade – seems there was a no-show.
Very little sleep on the plane but the sun is coming out so we’ll take advantage of that and walk around a bit – with the help of the strong Dutch coffee.

Boutique Hotel View

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  1. Nancy Bumgarner16 May 2012 at 07:17

    That stinks about your suitcase - hopefully nothing fell out. Glad the hotel is as nice as you were hoping. Looking forward to living vicariously through Jax Trax!