Saturday, 12 May 2012

'Convict' Exchange

Thursday, and we said a sad farewell to our wonderful friends Naznin and Mitra and were ‘handed over’ to the more than capable hands of Nancy and Sean. We were entertained over my first Starbucks coffee by the Chemistry Professor (Mitra) and the Yr 9 Maths Teacher (Sean) lamenting that because kids aren’t allowed to fail anymore, they pass through school not being able to add or subtract.
Then a drive into Manhattan and a walk along High Line Park – a public park built on the historic rail line elevated above the streets of Manhattan’s west side through the old meatpacking area. Loads of people out enjoying the sunshine. We looked down on a street and saw a ‘rat’ out the front of a building – this was to protest about the use of non-union labour on a worksite – a form of picketing.
We had lunch at a fabulous Peruvian restaurant, La Mar, on Madison Ave. Amazing food: cebiche, causa, empanada, anticuchos and more.
Next, a visit to Fish Eddys (really interesting and different plates and glasses) before a long trip home in the NY / NJ traffic to meet 17-month-old Henry for the first time.

High Line Park 'Zoo'
Scab Labour Rat

Causa Olivo 
Dessert - chocolate mmmm!

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