Sunday, 6 May 2012

A lazy start, a very long friendship

A slow start to my blogging.
Our first stop was LA (without easy access to wifi), to sleep off some jetlag and buy a temporary phone – that’s right, Paul can’t really live without one, especially at $14.
Great hotel (Westin), very quiet room with good block out curtains and very helpful concierge. Thanks Bryan Wye of Turramurra Travel. Flights and connections all went well too.

We’ve now had two nights in Bridgewater, New Jersey with my penfriend from Form 1 (Year 7) – a friendship longer than we own up to being old enough for! We hadn’t seen Naznin since our wedding or her teenage children since they were toddlers, and Paul hadn’t met her husband Mitra. So, lots of eating, talking, eating, sharing photos, did I say eating? 

Boosting the US economy
Yesterday we went to some discount outlets nearby, Rockport, then a cute village style shopping centre called Liberty Village in an area full of houses straight out of an old American movie.
We had been told shopping in the USA was great value and it is but the prices at these outlets amazed us, especially shoes – two pairs of Rockports for $50! Even Paul liked shopping, stocking up on Izod golf clothes so he’ll look better than his golf game now.
Our total spend at Rockport was the cost of one pair of ladies boots (on sale) in Australia and we got 4 pairs of shoes, Tshirts and pilates pants. Our total spend at Izod was the cost of two quality golf polos and we got so much we had to buy a new suitcase – well, we did come over with only one suitcase between us, planning to replace an old one. 

Heading into New York today.

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  1. If bargain shopping is your thing you must go to Century 21 in New York. Fab bargains.