Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Freedom, Liberty and Democracy

Monday, and Naznin drove us to Philadelphia. We saw the Liberty Bell and walked around the historic precinct until it was our timed slot for the Independence Hall tour. There were lots of primary school kids everywhere, and their understanding of American history and detailed knowledge of the prominent people was surprising. Their level of pride was impressive too – not something you see in many Australian primary school kids.
Interesting that although at the time many of these buildings were constructed, the US was at war with England, most of the architecture, fittings and clothing were very, very English, even down to the rose garden.
Being Monday quite a few of the museums were closed, such as the Carpenter’s Museum and the Portrait Gallery. 
On the recommendation of Naz’s friend we had philly cheese steak for lunch – a bit like the Aussie steak sandwich but with provolone cheese that melted through the steak – but of course, no beetroot, egg or sauce.
We walked up Chestnut Street past a diversity of restaurants, Italian, Russian, Turkish, to the Irish Memorial at Penn’s Landing. A large number of Irish went to Philadelphia around 1845-1850, a similarity with Australia.
We wrapped up the day with a lovely dinner at Bobby and Raj’s house and a ‘welcome’ cake. We had met them when they visited Australia a couple of years ago.
Liberty Bell

Carpenter's Museum
 Naz and I continue to find freaky similarities, even down to our favourite flower and our lipstick brand!
A hearty (yummy) welcome

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