Monday, 14 May 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day
Thanks Oliver (nephew) for the great suggestion: Bronx Zoo and the Madagascar animals.
Coquerel's Sifaka Lemurs with baby
We got an early start and were at the zoo soon after it opened, avoiding much of the crowds. Henry really enjoyed the Children’s Zoo, with lots of squeals.
The Madagascar exhibit at the zoo was very spacious and natural with just enough room for the visitors – unusual in zoos in my experience (usually the visitors seem to have more room than the animals). The enclosures included water features and waterfalls, trees and native vegetation, amazing painted backdrops, and often multiple animals living together. There was a good amount of unobtrusive information on Madagascar and the problems the animals are facing there, as well as many little ‘activities’ for children. Young Henry was fascinated by the waterfall and the lemurs.
Henry watching the waterfall and looking for lemurs
We got up very close and personal with the huge Amur (Siberian) tigers, including three cubs. Even our US friends learnt something with the difference between buffalo and bison being explained clearly – the American animal is actually a bison not a buffalo.
The zoo highlighted its conservation work, particularly with the Wildlife Conservation Society. A surprisingly large zoo in a very busy crowded city.
Our last night in USA – we are sad to be leaving our two sets of wonderful friends/hosts, and the warm sunny weather but we are looking forward to the next stage of our trip – Amsterdam. Not looking forward to the weather we see forecast for our arrival, min 4oC to max 11oC and rain! Lucky we bought coats and thermals at REI.

Red-ruffed Lemurs

Ring-tailed Lemurs in their amazing enclosure

Ring-tailed Mongoose, so so fast!

How we all felt at the end of the day: Red-ruffed Lemur

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