Friday, 31 January 2014

Sepia Saturday - Travels with my Mum

The Sepia Saturday prompt for this week is a suitcase stuffed full.

It all started here
- when she brought me home
It seemed timely that this should be the prompt when in just a couple of days time, I’m off on a genealogy cruise with my Mum.

Mum, and probably her mum too, were the ones who infected me with the genealogy bug.

Mum did genealogy the hard way, trawling through microfiche and microfilm before the days of computers. 

Lucky for me and future generations that she did because many old aunts and uncles have passed on photos, letters and other memorabilia to her ‘for safekeeping’. 

Many of these, some with the help of the internet, are now opening up more family history to us as we are able to interpret them and contact other cousins.

So, although none of these photos are sepia, most are pretty old and show some of the travels I have had with my Mum.

Most of these are with my brothers, and Dad was taking the photo – this trip, the cruise, I don’t have to share Mum.

Many weekends and weeks at the beach,
particularly Port Campbell and Peterborough
Mum helping me stand up in the snow on one of our trips
to Mt Donna Buang
Lots of caravanning and camping trips to the
mountains and the outback, including the
Grampians, Flinders Ranges and Central Australia
A couple of trips to Queensland and a visit to the Big Pineapple
- not one of Dad's better photos :)


  1. Bon Voyage. Hope you enjoy your cruise.

  2. What a beautiful baby photograph!. Enjoy your genealogy cruise - it sounds very appealing.

  3. That's great that you're getting a "break" while working on genealogy. Enjoy!

  4. Hope you find out lots of info on your trip. Good luck and have lots of fun.
    Ladies of the Grove

  5. Good for you to still have a Mum to travel with! Lovely coming home photo the first one... Hve a really good time on ship.

  6. Have a good cruise and don't forget your camera - or your luggage.

  7. What a perfect connection for you with this Sepia theme! The "luggage" we all carry within ourselves is our family history! We unpack it and make it good or bad for ourselves. How wonderful that you're taking this voyage (figuratively and literally) with your Mom! Hope it's a successful holiday in every way. :)

  8. The cruise sounds wonderful. Tell us all about it on your return.

  9. I'm like your Mum - did all the hard work omn the family before the internet arrived.

  10. Sounds perfect; time with your mum doing what you both enjoy. Have a wonderful trip.

  11. I've heard about genealogy cruises. Sounds like a good time with like-minded people.