Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Viennese seagulls can ice skate!

seagulls on thin ice on the fountain ponds
We woke to brilliant blue sunshine and decided to go to Schönbrunn Palace just a short train ride away. 

Although the weather is still sunny and clear, it turned really cold today – it only reached 3oC today.

You can read more about the Palace and its history, and that of the Habsburg dynasty here.

The palace passed to the ownership of the Republic of Austria in 1918 and is now open to the public.

We took an audio-guided tour around the rooms of the palace and were amazed at the immense wealth and (unexpected) artistic skill of the family. 

Frost on the ground in the middle of the day -
looking towards the Palm House at Schonbrunn
Beautiful architecture and luxurious furnishings filled every room, and there were so many portraits of the family and their multitudinous children.

The gardens are quite spectacular and we want to go back when there are leaves on the trees and flowers blooming.

It was about 1pm and there was still frost on the grass and (thin) ice on the ponds. 

It was funny to watch the seagulls fly in to land and skate across the surface a bit – they seemed a bit surprised at it too.

People soaking up the sun in a green patch of garden

Look how far he made me walk from the Palace!

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