Friday, 10 January 2014

Prague: Picturesque and Photogenic

What a beautiful city!

Neither of us had been here before but I am sure we will come again. 

Beautiful, easy to get around, friendly and cheap – although it feels really hard to pay 100 for a drink! We have to keep converting back to realise that it is less than $6AUD!

This is not a city for heels, or even simple flat shoes – you really need hiking boots for the cobblestones, especially in the morning when they are a little damp. 

We’ve had amazing weather – sunny and crisp but not cold. I even had my hat and gloves off, and coat unzipped in the middle of today.

Mr Jax had me walking again – well over 10,000 steps yet again (up near 14,000 steps)! 

Through squares, past churches, down alleyways and over bridges – barely letting me stop at Christmas markets or crystal shops, and certainly not any shoe shops.

Tonight we continued our cultural pursuits with a Gershwin concert in the Spanish Synagogue. 

It was performed by three violinists, one cellist, one double bassist and a guest soloist on the trumpet – all members of the Czech Symphony Orchestra. 

There were less than 30 in the audience, so a really personal performance and great acoustics. 

No photos as they are not allowed inside the synagogue. You will have to click on this link if you want to see inside (it’s worth it). 

signs in case we got lost !!!


  1. Thank you for bringing back memories of my visit to Prague some 8 years ago. It is a city for walking, especially the climb up to the castle and cathedral, but so worth it. We loved the statues, the architecture and the strong sense of history..

  2. Memories of our summer holiday. looks good for January. When we were there in January it was perishing cold with snow and ice.