Saturday, 4 January 2014

Who said Berlin in Winter was cold!?

Brother John, this one is especially for you!

Look at my short sleeves – and obviously Berlin as I am pointing to the Berlin TV tower.

This was taken at a bit after midday with clear blue skies and 10oC.

Unseasonal weather for Berlin – just as we had in Paris. Seems our friends in New Jersey are getting all the cold and snow.

Here are some photos from our afternoon stroll (about 10km) from our hotel in the old East Berlin near the Hauptbahnhof, east to what seemed like an Italian area with lots of pizza places, down Friedrichstrasse past the shops to Unter den Linden where we could see the Brandenburg Gate, through the Platz der Republik and back to the Hauptbahnhof.

Brandenburg Tor (Gate)

We think this is the Reichstag - people were queueing up to get tickets
to walk up to the dome, and then queueing up again to get in the door!
side view of the Bundestag - a contrast between he pretty glittering
Christmas tree and the knotted metal sculpture
the Bundestag
Not sure what this is - have to investigate tomorrow

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  1. OK, so you got lucky! for most of us, Berlin in winter is bitter and cold, but still an amazing place. when it is cold, there is more of an excuse to go to the cafes and have coffee and german cakes!

    also, the Reichstag is basically next to the Brandenberg Tor. the picture you have looks about right and is actually very worthwhile to visit. i am quite certain that the dome has been rebuilt since the wall has come down too as it was badly damaged in the war.

    i am just reading a book by Anna Funder, Stasiland. it is very interesting for me as i have been to some of the places in both the East and West. It would be worthwhile going to the Stasi museum if you get a chance.

    keep enjoying!