Monday, 6 January 2014

Berlin museums: from the ancient past to the high-tech future

A big day such as this can only end in pain!

Today we visited the Bode Museum – home to the Ancient Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art.

The sculpture collection is mainly from the Brandenburg-Prussian era with additions from Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The Byzantine Art collection ranges from the 3rd to the 15th century and is mostly from the ancient Mediterranean region. 

a sad looking bagpiper
There are many many religious icons but also some exquisite ivory carvings and mosaic works.

This museum also houses the Münzakabinett, one of the most important numismatic (coins and medals) collections in the world. 

A very impressive collection going as far back as 7th century BCE of over half a million coins, medals and related artefacts such as seals, tokens and tools.

The building was restored after severe damage during WWII and it was also interesting to see some of the restoration work done on the sculptures.
Some had been left as found to show the impact.

It was odd coming outside after a huge traditional Berliner (late-ish) lunch at Zur Gerichtslaube to find the sun setting (at 4pm).

We then went to the Computerspielemuseum to see a highly interactive display of the development of computer games over the last 60 years.

This gave us a bit more of a taste of the characters, avatars and music that inhabit Melody’s world.

The games and simulators could have kept Mr Jax amused for many hours.

He tried hard to talk me into playing one with him – scroll right down and click on the image to enlarge the instructions, and warnings!! No thanks!

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
no flash needed - the whole museum was well lit and placed
Mr Jax's lunch
He ate it all and then helped me with my much smaller version
Sunset at 4pm showing the old (dome) and the new (cranes)
Anyone remember this?

Engrossed and frustrated all at the same time
Not for me thanks! - paralysis, third degree burns and whip lashes!

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