Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Paul goes to Pergatory – oops Pergamon (museum)

(Guest blogger again! - maybe he'll catch the bug and start his own?)

The Pergamon (named after the ancient city) houses many architectural features and is presented impressively.

It was interesting to reflect on the similarities in the development of paintings and sculpture over the years.

The smart artist (not me as I am a different smart A) would ensure that their patron was always represented well.

The Neues (new) museum (paradoxically holding works going back to 4,000 BCE) has an awe-inspiring presentation of Egyptian sarcophagy.

Photos (even without flash) are verboten of Nefertiti (the beautiful queen). 

Had she not been famous, I doubt that I’d have bothered, the nearby gold-encrusted noblewoman being a more impressive artefact.

Afterwards, the glitz of West Berlin helped recalibrate - if anyone has a Dalmatian that can take smooth pictures, let me know.

Six floors of e-toys at the Europa Saturn centre,
including a dog mounted spy-cam

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