Saturday, 11 January 2014

A lighter side of Prague

All that is important to a tourist ! ?
toilet, wifi, coffee, museum and religion!
I could post lots of photos that show the brilliant blue skies we had yesterday but they would also show the multi-layers of clothes we had on to shield out the cold.

We caught the tram up to the Prague castle and had a walk around. 

We had thought about walking back down but it was so bitterly cold that even Mr Jax’s eyes kept tearing up!

So, as we are in a bit of a rush to spend our last Czech kroner and catch our train to Vienna, I thought I’d post some of the funnier things we have seen around the city.

009: translation is something like:
In the service of your country
A Cubist woman
Twisted building

3oC is really not the weather to take a spin in a convertible!!
Red man taking a photo of a red giraffe
Waiting for a friend - Mr Jax didn't stop to chat to this one
He did however, have a chat to this
little marionette!
Not quite my knight in shining amour!

Good for getting around the narrow streets

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