Thursday, 16 January 2014

Time to go home now

Our run of brilliant sunny weather has come to an end. 
Amsterdam through the drizzling rain

We arrived in Amsterdam late yesterday to cold, windy and wet weather that only increased as today went on.

We braved it for a while doing some shopping but as the rain became more horizontal, we gave up and came back to the hotel to pack it all.

Mr Jax got a bit stir-crazy and took himself off to fight the rugrats at Nemo – Amsterdam’s science museum – said it was research for work!!

We have a great view from our hotel if only we could see through the mist.

Amsterdam has a winter lights display and here are some photos of those near our hotel.

At the very start of our trip, we went to a fantastic restaurant, Blauw, just across the street from our hotel (in Utrecht). 
We remembered they had a new-ish branch in Amsterdam so found it and had our ‘last supper’ there tonight. 

They do a fabulous banquet called rijsttafels (translation is rice tables) and we ordered the meat and fish one – here’s a shot of most of the dishes – thankfully small servings.

So the trip is almost over – we catch the plane home tomorrow.

Thanks to our house sitters Ange and Greg (and Ben), we hope you’ve enjoyed the pool in the hot weather.

A couple of funny signs we saw as we left Vienna
Most of our rijsttafel feast at Blauw in Amsterdam

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