Thursday, 6 February 2014

Information Overload / More travels with my Mum

We boarded the ship on Tuesday for our Unlock the Past genealogy cruise. 

What a huge ship! 

I’m travelling with Mum and her friend Gwen, also keen genealogists.

Knowing that so much food is included, we have decided to take the stairs everywhere – maybe a bit ambitious as a day has become: from our room on level 6, up to level 11 for breakfast, then down to level 2 for the conference, up to level 5 for morning coffee, back to level 2 for more talks, then to level 11 for lunch, back to level 2 for talks, then level 6 to our room to refresh for dinner on level 3! 

Mum is keeping up so far – pretty good, eh Dad?!

We’ve had one full day at sea and one very full day of talks, started at 8.45am and finished after 9pm!
We had thought we would take a break from the talks in the middle of the day but there were so many interesting topics it was impossible to find one to miss. 

I was glad to have my travelling companions to take notes at some of the talks I missed.

There are so many things to look up as soon as I have internet again (well, internet that doesn’t cost a fortune).

Some of the topics today included: British and Irish newspaper research, Gold mining ancestors, Genealogy Research Toolbox, Document Analysis, Australia’s Military Heritage, Freemasonry, Pinning (Pinterest), Blogging, and Immigration – and that is just the first day!
Sunrise from our room, off the coast of NSW somewhere

We had a shore day in Melbourne today and many people went off to archives, libraries and other talks. Mum and I decided to have a ‘future family history’ day – three generations all having lunch together.

Three generations for lunch in the city
Port Fairy ladies soaking up the Melbourne arcade atmosphere

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  1. So pleased you are having fun. I fell a little responsible for you being here.