Sunday, 16 February 2014

Googling a Cousin

Mum and I have recently returned from the 4th Unlock the Past genealogy cruise.

Mum and her aunt, Sandy's mum
Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers fame was one of the main speakers and I attended most of his talks (probably all of them).

In the latter part of the cruise, many of his talks revolved around different facets of Google and how to use them in our genealogy.

Mum and I have had an experience that is a perfect example of the message delivered in these talks.

Some time ago, I had a message on my blog (Google product: blogger) from a researcher.
He had a Google alert on the names of two people he is researching for a book.

One of these men was Mum’s uncle, married to her father’s sister, who died in 1978. 

Mum was particularly close to this aunt as they shared a birthday, and it was this aunt who had introduced Mum’s parents.

Mum and Sandy - one of the few looking at the camera
- they were too busy talking most of the time!
Mum’s last contact with her cousin Sandy, their daughter was at least 20 years ago at a funeral.

The email address we were given by another family member was incorrect but did give us a clue to Sandy’s business name, which we were then able to find through a Google search.

Turns out Sandy had moved to Tasmania – and the UTP cruise was docking in Hobart.

Google maps helped us find their farm and Mum had her reunion with Sandy, spending many hours (way past her normal bed time) chatting, laughing, looking over photos and generally catching up.

I’m sure it will not be another 20 years (or another funeral) before they see each other again.

My Nanna, Mum, Sandy, Mum's sister and Sandy's brother picnicking 
Sandy's parents with Mum's mother (right)


  1. I love stories like this. Sounds like you enjoyed this time with your mother on the cruise.

    1. Yes, lots of fun but information overload - will take a while to process all that we learnt and then use it!

  2. So that's where you escaped to in Hobart. Sounds like a fab reunion.