Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Trove Tuesday – On this day: Charles W Lewis

Charles William LEWIS died on this day, 3 December in 1898, in Silverton NSW aged 61 years.

He was my great great grandmother’s older brother, both of them born in Surrey and arriving in Australia as children.

Through Trove, I have been trying to track how long he was living there and what he was doing.

He was a miner there from at least since 1891, and lived in an interestingly named street: Sulphide Street.

He 'advertised / endorsed' Clement's Tonic and this 'ad' tells of him living in New Zealand for some time (something to look into later).

It seems that Clement's Tonic is still available and contains herbs, vitamins and minerals, including Ginseng, Gingko and Selenium and it claims to restore good health.

CW Lewis was involved in community affairs as shown by him being Secretary for a Boxing Day carnival in 1893.

In 1895 he was appointed an alderman of Silverton. He also at some time ran a business as a hairdresser, tobacconist, and stationer.

Interesting that he was a hairdresser as his father Robert LEWIS (1808-1871) was recorded as a hairdresser and barber on emigration and census records. Robert was a publican in Melbourne after his arrival.

It appears that at least one of his children moved to Silverton area too, as a granddaughter is remembered alongside him in an In Memoriam notice in the Barrier Miner (Broken Hill).

Ida Lewis, daughter of Edwin and Marion died in Silverton in 1899. Edwin LEWIS (1863-1938) was Charles’ second son.

My records show that Edwin and Marion married in 1898 in Victoria and had a son born and died that same year in Victoria. The In Memoriam notice says Ida was 6 years old, so born in 1893.

Not a bad timeline from Trove newspaper records.

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  1. Isn't Trove an amazing resource? We're finding so many fascinating snippets, and it's a growing resource so we are forced to keep checking. What a pain :)