Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Goodbye to beautiful Utrecht

Today we take the train to Amersfoort to stay with Mr Jax’s cousin for a few days (over Christmas).

We have walked around 10,000 steps each of the four days we have been in Utrecht, almost 18,000 steps the first day!

So, you can only imagine how much we have seen of this beautiful city, the 4th largest in the Netherlands.

We have had brilliant blue skies and sunshine, showers and heavy rain, and strong icy winds – but no snow!

This morning we have very strong winds – playing havoc with the fountain outside our window - so much so, they have just turned it off!

Here are some photos taken around the city over the past four days - you can click on the photos to see them a bit larger:

My new coat a bit closer - for all those who have asked :)
part of the old city wall
The house of the first and only Dutch pope.
They breed them tough here! Kayaking on the canal
Canal with the Dom in the background (Utrecht's 'landmark')

An interesting church spire towering over houses

Looked so odd: sun lounges lined up in the park when it was about 5oC
- at least it was sunny!

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