Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Loitering in the Louvre

Thanks to friends back home who alerted us to the ‘quick’ way into the Louvre, we got in at about 10am with only 3 people ahead of us in the queue.

This was even more amazing as the Louvre is closed tomorrow and Wednesday (because of New Year’s Day).

Only about half or a third of the queue - and this is winter!
About halfway along the queue to get in -
in the afternoon when we left! At least
 these people were undercover and warm

Others were not so well informed and queued for what must have been hours. Even when we left, we passed a huge queue.

Inside, I braved the milling masses to get up close and personal with La Joconde (the Mona Lisa).

Then we wandered quite aimlessly through corridors and halls taking in all the sights – paintings, statues, sculpture, ornaments and crowds. 

I found the ceilings as interesting as what was on the walls.

It was hard to know what to put on the blog, so here are more photos than I usually put up.

Spot the blondie in the pink scarf!

Mr Jax must have been tired - no 'where's wally' poses today!
Vermeer's The Lacemaker