Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some food for you, Mum

Salmon with ricotta, lemongrass and dragon fruit
There is a Michelin star restaurant in the hotel we are staying in, so of course we had to go. 

Unfortunately, Mr Jax got all excited about eating there and booked it for our first night – we were too tired to have the five course meal, instead settling for the three course option.

The restaurant is in the old monastery refectory and dates back to the 14th century. 
Beautifully restored and full of chatty people now – so different to the peace and quiet the monks would have observed.

Pre-main course: steak tartare.  Mine, on left was
different as the 'real' one, on right is on mushroom
There were little nibbles before each course: amuse bouche of the ‘four elements’ – water, air, fire and earth and all beautifully presented.

Then before main course (as pictured) and then again before dessert – a candy floss on a stick. In the middle was Romero cheese and a coffee bean, and a dob of apricot on the top.

So, Mum I know you like to see the photos of the food, so here are some:

My version of main course: fillet of veal 'wellington'
again they did a different non-mushroom one for me
the 'real' main course with lots of mushrooms
'Movie night' dessert: popcorn on top of
coconut 'fluff' on top of a Pedro Ximenes jelly
on top of passionfruit.

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  1. Mum said they look pretty, certainly better than steak and chips at the "Stump" Hotel