Friday, 27 December 2013

Paul's bu-cow-lick (Herderlijk) excursion

A guest writer today:

A foggy morning provided the excuse Jackie was craving – to chat with the cousins, catch up with washing and bake some Second Day of Christmas cookies (the concept of Boxing Day not spreading across the Zuiderzee to Holland). 

This left ‘the scout’ armed only with Google maps and knowing that the sun is in the south, to explore the woodlands and small farm holdings of Leusden.  

This part of Holland was one of the earliest (13th Century) to reclaim land through neat drainage systems enabling the farmers to grow initially grain and eventually cows. 

Some hairy, belted Galloway cows (how very neat of the Dutch) mooed contentedly as the cyclist pedalled past on the bicycle provided by his cousin (another Paul). 

The more familiar Friesian cow failed to moo back despite attempts by Paul, with the neighbours cow completing the cowboy experience! 

The sculpture by Thijs Trompert indicated weird wildlife can be encountered by eating the spacier type of cookies!

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