Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sepia Saturday – Aprons at work and play

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt celebrates aprons.  The photo prompt is of ladies working on an assembly line.

My ancestors seem to have be fastidious about taking their aprons off before having their photo taken. 
I couldn’t find a single one.
The only old photo with an apron (or two) is of my fireman great grandfather Lewis Raikes GARRETT. 
He is with two ladies in aprons who are sifting through the rubble of a house fire. 
Their aprons are remarkably white given their surroundings.

My other photos are of my immediate family: mother, father and brothers mostly at play.
My Mum hanging out her washing
Mum and her sister feeding lambs with two little cousins watching
My younger brother's 5th birthday party
My brother barbecuing
My brother and Dad clowning around
one Christmas


  1. I didn't have any apron photos either. It is interesting that our parents loved to dress up and clown around at the holidays, something we never do.

  2. I love the shot of your brother barbecuing -- made me laugh out loud!

  3. No ancestors in aprons, but still, you found some good ones of your family wearing them.

  4. You managed to come up with a great collection of "apron" photographs. My favourite the one of your mother pegging out the washing. .

  5. That’s a nice collection of pinny shots Jackie and I agree with Sue about the one of your Mother.

  6. Your brother looks quite professional at the barbeque.

  7. I especially like the photo of your Mum and her wash.

  8. I wonder about how the women shifting through the fire site remained so clean.

  9. It's a great collection of photos :) Especially the one of your mum hanging up her washing - my two little grandsons played 'washing' last week and my daughter discovered they'd taken her washing off the line and they had it in their (sandy) bike trailors.

  10. You have managed quite a collection of aprons, well done. They are all great, but I think the birthday party shot is best.

  11. Sifting through the rubble following a house fire -- what a sad thing, hardly the subject for most people to capture in a photograph. That photo forces the living to pause and be thankful.