Saturday, 14 December 2013

(Non) Sepia Saturday - Pillar to Post

This week’s Sepia Saturday photo prompt reminded me of walking around Paris. 
I know the photo is of Liverpool, England but something about the pillars and the building in the background just reminded me.
Maybe it’s because I have Paris on the brain as we’ll be spending New Year’s Eve there this year.
Maybe when you see these (non-sepia) photos, you can see why I was reminded.
One of the pillars in the prompt looks like this one
My blog started as a travel blog in April 2012 just before my first trip to Europe and the UK. The idea was to share my travels with my family and friends and get in the habit of writing every day, so I could continue with a geneablog on my return.
I haven’t posted every day but have managed at least once or twice a week.

Well this week we leave on our next trip to Europe – my first (really) cold Christmas.
We start in Utrecht in the Netherlands then spend Christmas in Amersfoort with Mr Jax’s cousin and his family who I have never met.

I had a fleeting thought of starting a new blog just for the travels but then knew I wouldn’t keep up writing two blogs while away, so this one will morph back into a travel blog for the next 4-5 weeks.

This photo prompt was the perfect way to link the two types of my blog posts I think.

The building in the prompt photo reminded me of this building
Lots of pillars and posts in Paris


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous. Have a great time and I look forward to reading about your travels.

  2. It's a while since I was in Paris but I recognised it immediately.
    Perhaps you will get the chance to meet a Dutch Sepian - Rob from Amersfoort.

  3. Enjoy your time in Paris. I'll be there just before you and have a suitcase filling up with thermal stuff. Stay warm.

  4. I love the Christmas markets in Europe. Have a great trip!

  5. Your photographs were a lovely reminder of my visits to Paris. . Enjoy your next European trip.

  6. Enjoy your holiday Jackie. Perhaps you will find time to meet up with another Saturday Sepian, Rob from Amersfoort? Looking forward to seeing some excellent photos.

  7. You will have the time of your life! Enjoy and post photos!

  8. Have a good trip and enjoy yourself!

  9. Yes! Have a great time in Paris! I think I will run down to Paris (Texas, that is) next week. They have a couple nice antique stores around there. I enjoyed the post.