Friday, 29 November 2013

Sepia Saturday - Singlets / Swimming Costumes

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a moustached man in a singlet top standing beside some trophies.

I was tempted to take photos of all of Dad’s bowls trophies on my recent visit but changed my mind when I realised just how many singlet-style swimming costumes featured in my photo collection.

Pa, John Raikes GARRETT, used to tell my mum (his daughter) about how he used to go on trips and meet up with groups of ladies. 

Sometimes he would go by car with his father, brother and sisters, and other times he would go on his motorbike.

Pa was 16 when his mother died, and didn’t become engaged to my Nanna until he was 25 – that’s a lot of weekend touring – and a lot of ladies!

Pa told mum he used to ride his motorbike out past the property where his future wife lived, not knowing her at the time.

Looks like he even got my Nanna into a singlet-style swimming costume! 

The Nanna I knew was always very demure, almost prudish and would never have been seen dead in anything so revealing! 

Interesting how old photos can show you a completely different side of someone you thought you knew.

The photo below is of her sitting down but I also have a photo of her standing in the same swimsuit. Although she has a cheeky grin on her face in that photo, I just couldn’t bring myself to post the photo knowing the Nanna I did – just a bit too revealing! – and she used to complain about my bikini!

Then moving further down the family, my dad in his basketball singlet, my mum in her knitted swimsuit, and not to be left out, me too.

Nanna on the left
Pa, on left on one of his motorcycle trips
Dad seated in the centre



  1. Those bathers from the twenties and thirties were far from flattering. I'm glad the styles changed. Aninteresting collection you have.

  2. A lovely lot of bathing photos. Could those be the Dendy bathing boxes in the background of the one where everyone is kneeling in the water, or somewhere similar around Port Phillip Bay?

  3. Some happy swimsuit photos of people having fun. You looked lovely in your little blue and white costume.

  4. I agree -- it's fun spotting our parents and grandparents being young and sassy and totally out of the character we know.

  5. Well done. You have this theme completely covered (and uncovered too).

  6. A fine collection to fit the theme.

  7. It's those quiet demure ones you have to watch out for. I met a lovely woman when she was in her late 60's who was always perfectly groomed & elegantly dressed. Imagine my surprise when I went to her house to visit her one day & she brought out a photo album with pictures of herself in the 1960's - long straight hair held back with a headband, filmy blouse & fringed vest, leather mini skirt & high boots & wearing a large peace symbol necklace. My oh my! Anyway, fun post and that last picture of you is so cute. Isn't it nice we got away from those awful knitted wool swimsuits - especially for children!

  8. You're right! Old family photographs sometime test one's memory.

  9. Most enjoyable, great family fun times memorialized on film.

  10. Even we old ladies were young once! I'm glad I never had to wear a knitted suit.

  11. Absolutely delightful photos. Your family at the beach and having so much fun! Loved the photo of your dad on his weekend motorcycle trip --- and you and your mum -- cute little beach girls.