Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Things You See When ... (Part 2)

If you can look past the amazing chocolates ...
there is actually a pretty cute car here

A Paris tube station lined with copper
A neat way to protect your flowers?
If you have been reading earlier blog posts, you'll know that we did heaps (and heaps) of walking, so here are a few more things we saw when we did have the cameras ready.
A slight car theme for this one, with a few extras:
Quite a few streets had these lined up, even some really tiny streets
- a bit more hybrid conscious that Sydney

A Brit in Paris but almost jubilee weekend

colourful 'mini monuments' all over this car
pity the real monuments weren't this colourful!?

If you saw the way they park, and get out of street parks ...
then you would be amazed there wasn't more like this


  1. I'll miss your posts when yoou get home - are you able to extend your trip?

    1. We are at home - I'm just extending the blog - part re-living the memories and part showing off the photos.
      Not able to extend the trip unfortunately - we'll just have to go back :)