Monday, 25 June 2012

A different kind of Art Gallery – Paris!

We didn’t queue to go into most of the big name galleries but the streets of Paris are a giant living gallery with no closing hours – and oh so easy to stop for a coffee or something with bubbles J Walking around, looking down laneways, up on the tall buildings, in windows – it’s surprising what you can see. Here’s a sample:
A series of letters that caught our eye

Metal sculptures - you can see why they were put
in the window - so easy to knock over
Huge Dior clock in Place Vendome
Mosaic horse - not wearing the socks in the shop

Waiting, waiting - bronze Parisian lady in a hat
will he turn up?

Big Red Dog - he let us into the gallery shop though
Just a few of the bronze statues of children of the world as
part of an outdoor exhibition in Parc de Bercy

Tiny terrace with classic statue

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