Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It’s all over ☹ - almost

A very wet, very cold day in Berkshire, so a good time to pack, chat with Allison, and eat the last of Paul’s fabulous macarons (he had a master class from Allison). He has grand plans of creating a whole range of interesting ‘savoury’ flavours so stand in line for the tastings.
Overnight at Novotel Heathrow and no free wifi. Paul’s down in the bar watching the Euro Cup soccer (surprise, surprise) and I plan to get an early night before our 4.45am wake up call.
At the Etihad business lounge - much better than the Qantas lounge says Mr frequent traveller Paul. We had an a la carte breakfast and I now have wrenched the laptop from Paul who seems way too anxious to do work already.
Got a long flight ahead with a less than 3-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi – hopefully get some sleep.
Sorry, no pics yet of the macarons – I already packed the camera connector kit so can’t download them – I’ll put them up when I get home.
I plan to continue my blog posts with some ‘special features’ of our trips, so watch this space.

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  1. I hope you have a good flight home and manage some sleep. Talk soon xx