Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shop Displays Are More Interesting

Yes, real macarons - a wedding cake
shop to leave us all drooling
In Maastricht, the beautiful old city there was an amazing number of interesting shop displays and the top of all shops - Selexyz.
This is a branch of a bookstore chain located in a 13th century Domenican church. There are three storey black steel bookshelves reaching high into the main part of the church and these can be accessed by a lift, or by stairs. At the back of the church, sort of where the altar and choir was, is the coffee shop where you can admire the 14th century frescoes (and the cakes). There is a cross-shaped reading table for magazines and newspapers. There is even a good range of books in English.
See pics below.
I have also attached some of the interesting shop displays we saw in Maastricht.

In case you are wondering, we are home but I have decided to try to keep posting blogs of the holiday to make me get all these photos organised - and so Mum and Dad can see them J

A little blue sheep inviting one and all into the art gallery shop

Something pretty to pack those macarons
 into, or the yummy chocolates sold here
Orange for Netherlands was a feature around the
country, here, orange crabs in a kids store window

Aussie ice cream on sale here - perfect for the sunny day

Inside Selexyz book store
The coffee shop of Selexyz, Maastricht

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