Monday, 4 June 2012

Midsomer Murder on the way to Cornwall

Two posts again today - the last two days have been quite heavy travelling and so not much time to write.

Norfolk Crescent, Bath
We woke to find the very heavy rain of the night before eased but still too heavy to walk around the streets of Bath. With our stomachs full of an amazing Scandinavian style breakfast and armed with a map marked with tips from our B&B hosts, we set off to drive around Bath.
There are so many one way streets in Bath these tips were vital. What our hosts didn’t know were the details of the special jubilee events – street parties and a family fun day cycle (although ‘fun day’ in this rain was a bit of a joke). After going round and round and returning to Queens Square about 4 times in an attempt to get to The Circus and Royal Crescent, we gave up and tried to drive to Camden Crescent. This was open but we couldn’t turn around to get to the Bristol Road.
Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
When we figured out where we were, we found we were quite close to Midsomer. After Paul’s behaviour with the Irish ladies the night before, I couldn’t resist the opportunity – after all, there are always so many murders on each of those TV shows that surely another wouldn’t be noticed!
On through the ruggedly beautiful Cheddar Gorge (yes they do make cheese but are more famous for their strawberries and rock climbing) then around the edge of Dartmoor and Bodmin moors. These were at their Daphne du Maurier best – very low cloud, strong winds and almost horizontal rain. A perfect excuse for a break at the Jamaica Inn before our drive into Penzance.

Midsomer Murder

Couldn't resist this sign (even in the rain)!

Jamaica Inn - Smugglers really had it tough

Why we kept getting lost!

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