Sunday, 3 June 2012

P(ari)s oui and Q(ueue)s non!

Paul took this on his way to the Paris office
the Grande Arche in La Defense

Our last two days in Paris (for now) and I was still ignoring Paul’s tourist book KPIs (key Paris indicators). I had thought he was joking when he said there were 78 things on the checklist! … and I thought as he was practicing his French, that he said KPEs (key Paris experiences).
Most of you know about the back problems I try to ignore. So we have avoided most things with long queues and meant we didn’t go into the Louvre, Musee D-Orsay, Saint Chappell or the Eiffel Tower. It is almost summer and the weather has been superb so the crowds are out in force, and the French Open tennis is on. This did mean extra buzz and vibrancy in the city. Also, there was only one lift working at the Eiffel Tower until the day we left.
So we’ll just have to come back to see these things.
On the (very) positive side, Paris is a living breathing historic monument with so many things to see just looking down laneways and peering into buildings. Many of these old buildings have plaques with the history of that building and the people involved. Some you can go right in and look around - all for free and no queues.
We had been given many recommendations from friends for places to see and eat and have managed to do almost all. Thank you all for the tips they have been great.

Paul had to go to work this morning, grrr! At least he went early and was back before most things opened.

Place de Vosges
Creme brûlée for lunch, mmmm

Sea bream with lime and ginger for dinner -
so good I went back for more next day lunch :)

So Paris! walking the cat!


  1. Creme Brulee for lunch!! Was it as good as that french restaurant you used to go to?

    1. It's France - you can have Creme brûlée any time - well almost! This one was great and a good match for Philipe's down at Chez Pascal. Not all have been as good though.

  2. Hi Guys, I want one off those little cars! Please bring one home with you, it should fit in your bag. Great blog. Love all the pictures, you have so many wonderful sights and tastes to remember. Suexx

    1. Sorry, doesn't fit in the bag - Paul already tried :) You can see his grin - he loved it BUT there is no way I was getting in the back seat!
      Thanks for the feedback.