Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dutch Street 'Art'

Walking around has its benefits - you see so much you would miss if on a bus or subway. We didn't try to interpret what most of them meant, just photographed and enjoyed them - your interpretations are welcome! Here are some things we saw in the streets of Amsterdam and Maastricht:
on the pavement outside our Amsterdam hotel

Mosaic sofa in a 'sort of square/ bike park' area,
near the 'crooked' house, Amsterdam

one of the many 'buggies' used to transport children
by bike riding parents in Amsterdam

metal sculpture 'zoo' in a park near Amsterdam zoo

'money' coating the back of a canal-side shed...
and no, he couldn't rip any off!

on a wall in a men's toilet - NB: Paul took this one

in a vacant block opposite a little art gallery, Maastricht

'climbing up the wall'
of a cafe, Maastricht

in a shopping street, Maastricht

a 'zoo' in an abandoned tank site, Maastricht

entry to Maastricht Uni

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