Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Trove Tuesday - You can't hide from me Dad!

On a day when the newspapers were full of excitement and preparations for the Queen’s impending visit, my Dad was probably full of excitement waiting to be notified of a scholarship.

He was awarded a three year scholarship to Longerenong Agricultural College near Horsham in Victoria. 
This ended up having a huge impact on our lives as not only did he study there, but when I was nine, he took a job as a lecturer at the same college and we moved there.

Just goes to show, you can find anything on Trove – no more secrets!

Mum didn’t even know about this scholarship – Dad said he just never thought to mention it.
Yet, here it is, in a little article on p19 of 44.

I've also included a photo (or two) of Dad as a student and in the College basketball team - he's number 11. 
Much later, number 8 in the same team ended up being my high school chemistry teacher.

 And, did you ever wonder where our Dad’s got all their Dad jokes from?
Here’s a sample from the same newspaper:

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  1. Love the Dad jokes, will have to show Mr Geniaus.