Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Trove Tuesday – On This Day

Sometimes I play with the ‘On this day’ function on my family tree program iFamily.

Here is one of the ‘answers’ for today’s date:
Florence May PEARSON, known as May: Burial 2 July 1947
Eliza MASON: Burial 2 July 1869
My great grandmother and her grandmother buried on the same date 78 years apart.
I've written about both of them before, see the links.

But there the similarities pretty much end:
Eliza was born in Worcester, England in the winter of 1824.
May was born in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in the summer of 1875.

Eliza was just 45 years old when she took her own life on 30 Jun 1969.
May was 72 years old when she died on 1 Jul 1947.

Eliza, aged 24, had her first child and married in the same year (1848) to a younger man (aged 21).
May, aged 30, married a much older man (aged 41) and had her first child almost a year to the day after the marriage.

Eliza’s husband outlived her by almost 40 years.
May’s husband had died just a little more than a year before her.

Eliza had at least 10 children in 18 years, three in the UK and seven in Victoria.
May had five children over 12 years all in Victoria.

Here is the funeral notice for my great grandmother.

I can’t find a funeral notice for Eliza (yet) as the Geelong papers are not scanned up to 1869 yet but I have attached a clipping of the inquest from 1 July.

Florence May Pearson with her mother.

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