Monday, 22 July 2013

Matrilineal Monday – Nanna’s birthday

grandmother, Mavis Fanshawe Garrett nee Long
I wrote a bit about Nanna, Mavis Fanshawe GARRETT nee LONG (1906-1982) this time last year.

The more I do genealogy, the more I realise how lucky I am. Many branches of Mum’s family didn’t move around much, and were hoarders.

This has meant that Mum now has a large collection of old family photos, letters, certificates, books… and of course Mum has inherited the hoarding trait! 
And, I know my husband would say that’s something she’s passed on to me.

Nanna loved ‘family’, so to celebrate her birthday this year, I will post 6 generations, from her grandmother down to her great granddaughters (who she never met but would have loved like she loved us).

great great grandmother
Elizabeth Stonehouse nee McVey (1828-1915)
great grandmother
Sarah Henrietta Long nee Stonehouse (1873-1953)

Top Row L to R: Mum, Nanna, Niece 2
2nd Row L to R:  Mum,  Niece 1,  Me 
3rd Row L to R: Me,  Nanna,  Niece 3

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