Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Gren's birthday

I love this photo, she looks so happy!
Officially my blogiversary today!
Originally I started my blog as a travel blog to get me in the habit of writing regularly and to share a long-awaited trip overseas.

My first real geneablog post was about my grandmother, on the anniversary of her birthday.
Well, it's her birthday again already!

Mary Kathleen Waverney GRENFELL nee Francis was born on 14 July 1910 and died on 7 September 1998. A life well lived.

Here are some memories - in photo form.
This was pretty hard as Gren avoided the camera, and often went to great lengths to do so.
We usually only got photos when we snuck up on her.

the more formal wedding photo
proud parents - it's a boy!

celebrating with us at my little brother's 1st birthday
in her late 50s and a grandmother 4 times over by now

in her early 70s on our back porch in Horsham
in her late 70s at Dad's 50th
pretty fit for her age, still working full time

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  1. Such great photos. I especially love the wedding photos, such a beautiful dress and smile!