Friday, 19 July 2013

Sepia Saturday – Dress ups

mum and her sister at the bottom of the garden

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a “ fine figure of a woman is either ‘Boadecea or Mother England’ or possibly Britannia…”

I thought I’d follow the ‘dress up / fancy dress’ theme.

And, the more I looked, the more I found...
... our family is full of clowns!

I think this is one post where I’ll stop writing and let the photos do the talking - four generations of photos!
mum off to work at the fire station
me in my Sunday best

Mum off to kindergarten
Pa reliving his Polynesian cruise

three amigos: two brothers and a cousin

brother  in a country festival

friends come to visit joining in
niece, a cheeky chick


  1. Wonderful fancy dress shots - thanks for sharing them.

  2. Jackie, you have a superb collection of pictures. Thanks for for sharing more gems.

  3. What a fun family Jackie. I hope you're continuing the tradition.

  4. What a great selection of shots! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. A wonderful collection of family photos that fitted the theme so well - my favourites - the early ones of your mother.

  6. A great collection of photos, but the fairies at the bottom of the garden is my favourite, evoking the Rose Fyleman poem.

  7. You and your mother look so much alike in the photos of you in your Sunday best and her off to kindergarden.

    1. wait until Monday when I do 6 generations of girls / ladies - there are certainly some family similarities to come.

  8. I wonder why our family was never into fancy dress - we've missed a lot of fun it seems.

  9. You reminded me that I had a lot of photos of family dressing up as well. Great selection!

  10. You're pretty good in your Sunday best, but the friends on the porch are an absolute scream, especially the Evil Chicken on the far right!

  11. Okay, I confess, I still love dress up time!

  12. Wonderful. There are far too few opportunities to dress up in this life of ours. I feel another fancy Dress Party coming on.

  13. Every little girl needs a set of wings - nothing cuter! Except maybe you in your Sunday Best.