Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sepia Saturday – Inscriptions

Just scraping in with my Sepia Saturday this week.

A quick post because my parents have just arrived with a huge box of photos and other memorabilia. 
My Flip pal and notebook are working overtime!

This week’s Sepia Saturday theme is old books.

Two of my great grandmothers received school awards in the same month, June 1884. 
Not so unusual you might think.

What is unusual is that Mum has both the books that they were presented with and here are photos of the inscription pages.

30 June 1884: to Sarah Stonehouse for attention and improvement in music, Valley View (school). Sarah was born in May 1873 so was 11 years old.

June 1884: Fifth class, First prize awarded to Constance Terry for Reading , Writing and Dictation, also second Arithmetic – Park School Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. Constance was born in Jun 1871 so was 13 years old.

We have two other books given to Sarah:
1890 – Miss Stonehouse, a small token of approvals of her kind and willing services in playing the organ at St John’s Laang, from the minister (The Christian’s own Calendar). Sarah was 17 years old. 
Mum tells me that she played the organ at church a lot, and the piano at home. I have the same piano now, and it still plays beautifully (when someone skilled plays it!).

1900 – Sara Henrietta Stonehouse on her wedding day (from W McBride, Mortlake), a Bible.

Time to get back to my Flip Pal and Nanna's photo album... 



  1. Got to love the Flip-Pal. Mine gets a lot of work too. You could persuade your parents that you keeping the originals and them getting the digital copy is a good idea :)
    PS A tenuous connection, but I have a Stonehouse on my tree - Mary married Hugh McConnell and their daughter Mary married my relation John Maskell (a cousin of my grandmother)in 1910.

    1. Not so tenuous a connection: the daughter Mary was my grandmother's first cousin. Mary Janet McConnell nee Stonehouse was the older sister of Sarah Henrietta Long nee Stonehouse (my great grandmother). My mother is Janet, named after her.
      Mum is all excited here now! She remembers visiting the McConnells and has gone off to dig in her files to find more.
      Somehow I felt sure that eventually we'd come up with a link - your relations and mine lived in such similar locations.

    2. LOL Jackie. We'll probably find more connections as we go along.

  2. Yes, I've gone through a few batteries with my Flip Pal too but I love it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the scans. I have a similar huge task ahead of me, scanning and cataloguing several boxes of family papers.

  4. More stuff. That's quite a collection you're building.

  5. It always amazes me how much was kept - we live in a throw away world today. I wonder what of us will remain in a hundred or so years. Nice collection Jackie.

  6. You have reminded me that I have school book prizes with inscriptions inside. Now I have to find the books.
    You have an ever growing collection it seems.

  7. I don't keep a lot of stuff these days, having downsized to a condo, however, before I throw anything out that I feel is of interest I do take a photo.
    I have completed the scanning of all the family stuff, part of downsizing!!

  8. Good timing on the visit! I love my Flip Pal too.

  9. Wonderful inscriptions Jackie, thaks for sharing.You've just given me an idea for our Sepia Saturday Facebook page, and I'll be chasing Bob Scotney too! How lovely to think that two of our Sepians are related, even if only distantly. Now, I just need to go and find out what Flip Pal is and why haven't I got one? Google here I come :)

  10. Wow, some great stuff there. Very fascinated with the school awards from the same month and year.