Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Trove Tuesday – Singing Francis Ancestors

26 October 1889
My Dad often jokes about being able to sing and then proceeds to do so in a most un-tuneful manner.
I think he actually can sing, he was in a choir as a boy, but he just puts on an act.

Here are a couple of articles about his grandfather who shared his birthday, William Collier FRANCIS (1864-1946) – who really could sing!

It seems from more articles that his great grandfather, William FRANCIS (1835-1915), and his great aunt Miss G Francis – Gladys Victoria FRANCIS (1881-1945) could also sing pretty well.

Perhaps Dad got part of the 'comic' gene of his grandfather: WC Francis sang a comic song as part of the Coal Minstrels at Morwell in Victoria.

The singing genes have returned in a future generation of ‘men’, great great grandsons of WC Francis:
My nephew (age 17) sings really well and I have just seen on Facebook that my second cousin’s son has just starred in his school concert.

WC Francis sang two "well-received" songs
Dad's great grandfather, W Francis, "had a fine voice".

WC Francis provided a "rare treat" and included his little sister Miss G Francis