Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Trove Tuesday – High Praise for WC Francis

William Collier FRANCIS (1864-1946) was my great grandfather.

I’ve written about him before, including here.

Trove is helping me fill in the gaps and learn more about his life before he was my dad’s old grandpa who shared his birthday.

Here are two articles from the Morwell Advertiser.

In 1891, William was 27 years old and the Secretary of the Yinnar Cream and Butter Factory. 

Two years later in 1893, he was still Secretary and had just had a pay rise.

I still have some gaps to fill in, as he didn’t go off to the Boer War until seven years later and married another five years after that.

Back to Trove...

The second article ends with:

The luck of the company did not end here either, for they were very fortunate in securing the services of Mr W C Francis as secretary, a gentleman whose unflagging energy and indefatigable perseverance in promoting the interests of the company have contributed much towards its standing out today in an unrivalled position, and we are extremely glad that the shareholders on Saturday decided to increase his salary, for honest straightforward secretaries in these degenerate days, are nearly as scarce as tortoise-shell tom cats or snakes in Ireland.

High praise indeed!

And, you don't hear colourful phrases like those used in the last two lines anymore!

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