Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Family Musicality

Composer: F A Pearson

I’m sitting here listening to ‘music from the grave’ but by no means morbid music. 
My nephew is playing a mazurka, composed by his 3x great grandfather, on his great great grandmother’s piano (now mine).

The composer: Frederick Augustus Pearson - my great great grandfather on my father’s side.

The original owner of the piano: Sarah Henrietta Long (nee Stonehouse) – my great grandmother on my mother’s side.

The piano was given to Sarah by her husband Edward Long in 1901 on the occasion of the birth of their first child. It was passed down to this child, my great aunt Jean, and then as she had no children, onto me.

Sarah was a beautiful pianist, with at least a couple of little awards (see below) before her marriage. 
My mother told me that she played often at family gatherings.
“Nanna was really good on the piano and played the organ at church.
The piano at Ballangeich in Ellerslie, Victoria c1920
She had a lovely voice – she sang at church, and at home when she played the piano.”

It was such an amazing find to discover two pieces of music Frederick composed (on Trove), and even better to have a nephew who has the skills to be able to play it.
And it’s really lovely music too – not to mention the skilled pianist, thanks Oliver.

I have written about Frederick twice already (and there are more photos there, and images of the front cover of the music):

My nephew and I agreed that Frederick's early death was a sad and tragic waste of talent.

An inscription in a book given to Sarah
when she was just 11 years old

The inscription in a book given to Sarah
when she was 17 years old

Sarah and Edward in 1901 with their first child Frances Jean McVey Long (Jean)

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