Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Trove Tuesday - A Consequence

Not exactly something from Trove but something I may not have learnt if it wasn’t for my initial finding in Trove.

Some weeks ago my Trove Tuesday blog was about a ‘tall bride’ marrying my Nanna’s cousin. I wondered how tall you would have to be to have it pointed out in a newspaper item about your wedding.

I was at my parents’ house and going through some photos with Mum. Mum was reading the back of the photos when she didn’t immediately know who was in the photo.
“Here’s one of Billy and Ethel Stonehouse,” she said. “Where do they fit in?”
Out comes the family tree program and the search key.
Only one option in my program: William Hill Stonehouse and Ethel Lee married in 1936.

And, one good look at the photo and you can see how tall the newlyweds are – look at the lady standing next to the bride!
The groom looks pretty tall too, but then my Nanna was 5 foot 9 inches, quite tall for the early 1900s.

What a shame there were no photos of the ‘uncommon frocks’ of the bridesmaids.

So it seems that my Nanna and Pa were at the wedding after all.

Then Mum adds, “well, Billy’s sister Anne was Mum’s [my Nanna’s] bridesmaid.”

Share your Trove finding with your family, you never know what memories or photos they will prompt!

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