Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Funny - Pa's Poems

On a recent visit to my parents, my Mum mentioned something about her Pa and the funny little poems he used to write and post to her when she was a little girl. Mum lived in Melbourne and her Pa lived in Victoria’s Western District (in Beeac, then Cressy and Colac).
I had never heard about any such poems before and it didn’t take much prompting for Mum to bring them out.

There are definite benefits in having a mum who is a hoarder – she has bundles of poems and letters, photographs, souvenir booklets and even tickets to events!
(More of that later)

Mum’s Pa was Edward LONG (1872 – 1951). I would have liked to have met him but he died when my Mum was in her teens.
Here are a couple of his funny little poems – sent to his little granddaughter:

Transcription is beside this
To Janet and Ann from Pa
Once upon a time there were two little girls
Who stood on the gate with their hair in curls
And watched the train as it raced past
And waved their hands so very fast
That the driver smiled and waved them back
As he raced the train along the track
But since they left he missed them so
That his wistle he never now does blow
But when they come back to watch the train
You will hear his wistle blow again

We have a little house
Down the path
When you get there
It makes you laugh

And when his wife went to Melbourne to stay with the girls (my mum was 'Mrs Smith' and her sister was 'Mrs Brown):
To Janet and Ann from Pa

I miss Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown
Since they have gone back to town
But now they have their Nanna to mind
I know she will find them very kind.

But don’t give her too many ice creams
As she might wake up in the night with dreams
Put a nice hot woolly round her head
And make her sit up for her toast in bed.

Mackie came in with a very full tummy
The reason was he had caught a bunny
And ate it all but one hind leg
And therefore couldn’t sit up and beg.
x x x x from Pa

Two little girls from far away
Was helping Bill to cart the hay
But the cart was very very bumpy
And it made them laugh and feel so grumpy
And all the dogs with drooping tails
Came to see them unload the bales
But the work was too awful hard by far
So they thought they would visit Nanna and Pa
So they said goodbye to Tony and Jessie
And Bill he brought them on to Cressy
And there they met Nanna and Pa
Who brought them home by motor car
And Budgie was pleased to see them arrive
And Nobbie came scampering up the drive
And all the kittens sat up on their tails
Just like a lot of ugly snails.

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