Friday, 10 August 2012

Shared Birthdays

William Francis and my Dad

Lots of families have members who share a birthday. In my grandmother’s younger brother’s family, there are shared birthdays all over the place.

It seems the only ones in our family, skip a generation:

My Uncle Bill, William Edward LONG (1902-1983) and his grandfather William LONG (1838-1909) on the 11 August.

My Dad, and his grandfather William Collier FRANCIS (1864-1946) on the 27 April.

My nephew, and his great grandmother Mary Kathleen Waveney GRENFELL, nee FRANCIS (1910-1998) on 14 July.

Interestingly, and unfortunately, all of these grandparents died before their birthday-sharing grandchild reached the age of 10.
Makes me glad I didn’t share a birthday with any of my grandparents.
I do share mine but with my great grandmother’s brother – Alfred TERRY (1873-1896).

William Long

Uncle Bill Long

my nephew
Kath Grenfell

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