Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Musical Lesson

Last night I found something I had been looking for for years! Some music written by my great great grandfather – the Frederick Augustus Pearson (1848-1884) written about in my last blog post.
And, not just one piece – two pieces.

I found them on Trove , not in the digitised newspapers where I normally focus my searches, but on a general search – they came up in the (new)  Music Australia section.
This section was only integrated into Trove in June 2012 (something I only just found out). 

In this section, you can search for printed music, sheet music, musical sound recordings, interviews with significant people, audio books, movies and other videos, including the digitised copies of early Australian music, held in various libraries, archives and cultural institutions across Australia.

The two pieces of music are both Mazurkas for piano – even better as if they had been for violin I couldn’t have played them – not sure I can play these either but that is why you have talented nieces and nephews isn’t it!?


  1. I have been so preoccupied with other things in recent months that I hadn't noticed the new Music Australia section. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Seems the talent came down through the family from Charles. His grandaughter Gladys played the piano ( I have the piano she learnt on as a child). Her daughter, my mother, sings, I sing and play piano and my son has just completed his degree in music and is a classical vocalist with the sydney symphony choir

    1. It seems so indeed - my brothers and I all play(ed) instruments, and a niece is a cellist in the Adelaide Youth Orchestra. My nephew is studying a diploma of music alongside his engineering degree in Adelaide - he plays the bassoon and the piano, and sings beautifully.