Sunday, 19 August 2012

Garrett Family Bible?

Exciting news!
A little while ago, when preparing one of my Garrett blog posts, I was googling the names and found a family tree that appeared to be related to mine. It had sources and when I clicked on some of them, they referred to a Garrett Family Bible.
I had never heard of a Garrett Family Bible before so emailed the contact person for the website. I wasn’t sure if I’d hear anything because the last time the page was updated was in 2001!
I didn’t have long to wait at all. I got an email from the man who said:
The Garrett part of my family tree is a side branch leading to a distant cousin who did all the research….... She is now in her 90s and does not have e-mail, but I will write to her and give her your details.

Within another day or so, I got another email from this man and this was quickly followed by an email from the possible holder of the bible (not the lady in her 90s but another relation). From the internet, around the UK, over to New Zealand, and back to me, all in about a week. 
Aren’t genealogists great people – happily helping others?

The lady in New Zealand is almost certainly related. Her great great grandfather, Robert Birch GARRETT (1811-1857) is the youngest brother of my great great great grandfather, John Thomas GARRETT (1802-1852).
Both are sons of Vice Admiral Henry GARRETT (1774-1846) and his wife Mary RAIKES (1773-1812).
She emailed that her Garrett information is at her holiday house and she isn’t going there until November, so I’ll just have to be patient. 


  1. Google comes up trimps again. What an exciting find - I don't know how you can bear to wait.

  2. Exciting news! And patience... we all have to learn patience when doing our genealogy research, eh? Fantastic results, just by googling around!
    Cheers, and thanks for posting.