Sunday, 1 July 2012

Where's Wally? In New York of course!

Tickling the Brooklyn Bridge

Anyone who knows my husband knows he is very in touch with his inner child! Our holiday was no exception, he had even packed his ‘Where’s Wally’ red striped shirt, and bought an extra one.
It all started on the first day in New York with Nim and Mitra. He even got Mitra involved much to the surprise and delight of his kids!
He was very disappointed that I have hardly posted any of these pics so far on the blog, so I had to placate him, that I was saving them for a ‘special feature’.

Takes one to know one?!
Yes, we can see the top, of the Rockefeller Centre
The weight of the world..
at LegoLand

Two funny red men, at the Lego shop - I only took one of them home

The real one was covered in scaffolding
so this one had to do

Wall y at Wall St

Wally's mate (Mitra) - the yellow Lego man

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