Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wally, Leonardo and the Loire

After Holland it was through rural France to Amboise in the Loire. The chateaux, especially Leonardo da Vinci’s house, proved a fertile ground for Where’s Wally opportunities. Here is a small selection
Just one more step back! He was trying to take yet
another pic of me - I was nice and warned him

Tough guy just out of his armour at Cheverny
chateau. The 'moose' head above is at the actual
height of the prehistoric beast!

Trying to 'pop' the big balloon - not

Just a big green soccer ball, hey wait there are masses of them
- one of the amazing chateau gardens, this one at Amboise

After walking around Leonardo da Vinci's manor house for
hours, he couldn't resist doing the pose in the garden

The giant models in Leonardo's garden were way too tempting
for any child - turning, pedalling, twisting - a hive of activity
for the active mind (and body)

Another Leonardo model - Turn the wheel and spin around and around - then the challenge to find the peep hole while dizzy :)

Exactly what I felt like doing after a morning
of Wally at Chenonceau chateau

Back at the manor where we stayed, the
lamp was just asking for a mate - note
the differences in the waistlines, mmm
obviously too much enjoying the Loire

Then a sit down, like an innocent Wally -
except the paper is in French and upside down

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